Camera of Choice is the EOS 20D!

Digital SLR
Canon EF Lenses
8.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor

In 1972 (at age 11) my Uncle (a professional photographer) gave me my first camera. It was a simple snapshot camera, but it is what got me started. By my 8th grade in School I took my first photography class and received from another Uncle an Exakta VX 35mm SLR. I shot thousands of photos with the Exakta and in 1981 replaced it with a Canon A1 and shot a few thousand more pictures over the years. My first SLR digital was the Canon 10D. In the first year of owning the 10D I had already shot a few thousand pictures! I currently use the Canon 20D which has some nice extras over the 10D.

Why Canon? Well, all the Canon products I have had have worked well for me over the years. I have a Nikon, but it quit working after 3 years. I'm sure the same can be said for some that have owned Canon cameras, but I'll stick with them for now.